With domiciliary care, you or your loved one can continue to stay in the place
you feel most comfortable – at home. We provide ongoing support that’s
completely built around your needs and routines.

Many families are opting for domiciliary care – otherwise known as care at home because it puts them back in control of the support they receive. With one-to-one personal attention, from 30 minutes a week and up to several visits a day or overnight support, our care plans are completely built around you. You can even opt for a live-in round-the-clock carer living with you at home.

RANIS is a recognised healthcare service provider in Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon area. Local to you, we are fully licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission ( CRT1-7727669732) and run by registered manager that
ensure codes of practice are followed at all times. Care with us is fully managed too, with ongoing support from our experts from start to finish.
Our trustworthy, reliable & experienced care assistants are fully trained to:

• Assist with a ‘good morning’ start to the day, helping you to get up, wash, showeror bathe, get dressed and have breakfast

• Remind or assist you to take your medicines and collect or return medication fromyour pharmacy or dispensing GP surgery

• Prepare meals with or for you and assist you at mealtimes

• Collect your pension for you or with you

• Shop with you or help you to make a shopping list, go to the shops, come back
and put it all away

• Help with your laundry or ironing and keeping your home clean and tidy

• Support you with social activities such as going out for a walk, attending a day centre, visiting friends or family, going to your church or club etc.

• Give a little pampering when you need it – the occasional visit to organise bathing, clean clothes, fresh bedding and a thoughtfully prepared meal before bedtime

• At the end of each day, some help with getting ready for bed Call us today to find out more about our domiciliary care services. We’ll carefully
match you with someone who is skilfully trained, compassionate and who fits your personality and interests, closely supervised by our expert management team.

CQC Registration Certificate

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