With 24 hour support, 365 days a year we will ensure only the best service for our candidates  and clients

With 24 hour support, 365 days a year we will ensure only the best service for our candidates and clients

Welcome to RANIS

We Are A Unique 24 Hour Healthcare Agency That Prides Itself On Providing “Only The Best” Service For Our Candidates And Clients.

Healthcare is one of the noblest service on this earth and we understand the need of efficient clinical staff to serve our clients better. RANIS was formed on this firm thought. Our staffs put their hard, working timelessly to meet all the needs of our clients.
Nurse and Carer are not just names or positions. We understand that there are bunches of responsibilities coming in a way of these name. Ample amount of work and time is dedicated to satisfy demands of residents and clients. With this in mind, we felt that RANIS would be correct agency chosen for healthcare staffs. We focused on keeping our staff happy as surely a motivated worker is a better one to ensure an optimum standard of residents care.


  • I must mention that it has always been pleasure to work with the rest of your team at LGR. You have always been cheerful, supportive & understanding during difficult times. Many people wait for a life time for such a wonderful team like yours. The sun must shine and never set on such wonderful human beings. Once again, many thanks for your time. Nelson, A+E Nurse, London

    Matthias, Registered General Nurse, South West England1


Best Service

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Working with RANIS

You will find a great experience and exposure with our working staff as they have nice personal conduct and good experience in the field. We always concerned about recruiting the best staffs in the industry as we offer the quality service to each of our clients. You can have a friendly relation with the management team as they are happy to meet the requirements of the clients and staffs at any time. We are happy to provide transportation to the workplace if needed, as we are giving significance to punctuality and continuity of care. We provide uniforms and other necessary items for the work and RANIS admin team is available 24/7 to hear your concerns and ready to find the solutions for you.
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What we can offer

Around the clock care

Around the clock care

RANIS operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our vetting process for registering staff is an extremely rigorous one.
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Compliance is something we take extremely seriously.
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Specialist provider of healthcare professionals nationwide

We pride ourselves on our ever evolving approach to the healthcare sector.

With this in mind we are constantly striving to find ways to improve our service to allow us to reach our goal of being “the best” healthcare provider in the market. Our offices are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled. Whether it’s that elusive last minute shift on Christmas Eve, a long-term contract or a permanent placement, we are confident we can help you.

Our ethos is to put “people first” and by doing this we are constantly able to attract a large volume of high calibre clinical staff and consultants. This enables us to sustain long-term relationships especially with our clients!

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