Candidate Testimonials

  • I am writing to thank you for the time that I have spent working for LGR. When I received the first telephone call I was pleasantly surprised how clear and upfront you were with me and how you were quick to explain any of my queries and assured me that LGR was not like any other nursing agency. I was certainly not expecting the raucous cheer from your colleagues that erupted from the office when you made the announcement that I was joining the team, so that in itself was confirmation that indeed you were not like other agencies, as I’ve never had that before! The interview process was straightforward, without lengthy boxes to tick etc. but it was clear that LGR would not take any old nurse onto their books. There was a smooth enough transition considering my relocation, and I was able to hit the ground running from my first night shift. When I announced that I was going on to day shifts I was greeted with another cheer and it was all happy days. You have always communicated well, and returned my texts and emails even when they have been quite late at night. You were always willing to keep the communication lines open and I am grateful for that. I take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done and I really wish you well for the future

    Matthias, Registered General Nurse, South West England
  • I must mention that it has always been pleasure to work with the rest of your team at LGR. You have always been cheerful, supportive & understanding during difficult times. Many people wait for a life time for such a wonderful team like yours. The sun must shine and never set on such wonderful human beings. Once again, many thanks for your time. Nelson, A+E Nurse, London

    Matthias, Registered General Nurse, South West England1
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